About Me and My Cakes

My name is Elin, and I was born in 1972. Lives in Oslo with my husbond and two teenage boys.

A whole new wold open up to me the day I decovered this amazing hobby of cakes, back in 1994. Think to be able to make my own childrens cakes for any occation, and give everyone a sweet treat. I was so happy. And the word soon spread out to family and friends, who also wanted this creations of mine. I had to invest in a little books and tools.


Over this years I have had the opportunity to learn by books, try and fail, and a few classes.

Today this hobby has become more as a lifestyle. And in my little workroom I can sit undisturbed with my sugarflower, modelling and cakes. In my time as a novice, I made cakes from books and copied others cakes. But now days I am happy to say that I make my own design, and often draw my cakes before start. In that way each cake will be unic and buildt up in my own style.


When I make novelity cakes /shaped cakes and other difficult designs I allways use chocolatecake or madeiracake. Firm good recipes is best in that kind of work. Carrotcake I use for some of the celebrationcakes, and for christmas I use fruitcake. So you see, there is no wipped cream based cakes to find here. Nor Marzipancakes. I have found the sugarpaste, and fallen in love with that. To be able to specialize like this, makes it easier to develop my skils and artform.

I am now also happy to say that I am giving classes in cakedecoration, sugarflowers and sugar modelling. My classes you can find in www.kakekurs.com

I am also the founder of the norwegian forum of cakes and cakedecorating www.kakeglede.com

I hope you enjoy your visit here at my place, and pleace feel free to come back any time.