Tutorial 1 – Canvass shoe

There has been question about where my tutorials has gone, and I am sorry I haven’t really thought much about them untill now.
This tutorials is how I make these things, but not nesesery my own idea. Some I have fount in the internet, but made my own way to make. So here is the deal.
This is how I make it my way. And if that is of any help to others, feel free to use them.
And I will say thanks for coming by.
Canvass baby shoes
This I found in the CakeCentral, and you will also find the templates there, or just send me an email and I will send you mine.
Start up with your templates, a cutter of some kind, modelling knife, rolling pin and gumpaste/flowerpaste of two colours.
Roll out around 3 – 5 mm paste of one colour, and cut out the sole of the shoe.
When you want two shoes, remember to turn over the template so you get one right and one left shoe.
Make two banana shaped toe supporters and glue them on with gumglue.
Now cut out the bell shaped template for the front of the shoe.
Remember one for each shoe.
Add glue the bottom of the bell.
And glue it on the front of the shoe. Use some kitchen paper og sponge behind to support it up.
I like the shoes to be round and kind of sweet, so I use the modellingknife to press the paste close to the sole.
Here you see how the paper supports the flip to stand up.
The templates had two parts for the backside of the shoe, but I cut it as one. In that way I do not get any extension in the backside.
Any stitch marking you wish on your shoe has to be made now.
Add glue to the bottom of the part
And glue it on the shoe. Add some more glue to make it stick on the sides
Again we use the modellingknife to make the parts tight with eachother.
In another colour you roll out thin gumpaste and cut out the half sirkle. This is for the toe of the shoe.
Any pattern on this parts has to be done before you cut it out. (like rollingpins og rollingmats)
Glue this on the shoe with the flat side up.
Roll out thin in the second colour, and cut out (here with a multi ribbon cutter) three long ribbons.
Glue one ribbon round the shoe with the join in the middle backside. Use your moddelingknife to get it nicely glued into the shoe.
In the back of the shoe you make a loop with the last ribbon.
You can cut the shoelace like I did here, or you can roll it out or use the sugargun. That is how you like the shoelace to be. Glue them on the shoes.
Here is how this shoes will look like, decorate them after your own choice :o)
Hope you enjoyed the ride with me on how to make this shoes my way.
And welcome back to my next tutorial ;o)